jeudi 8 août 2013

ElGamal Tool v1.0

After a long disappearance, I came up with a new tool, but this time it is not a MASM32 tool. 

At first This tool was intended for private use only, but then i had a second thought to publish it, so that others could use it.

This tool can help you generate ElGamal keypairs and much more. It was coded with C# (requires .NET Framework v4.0 or you can use DotNetBox).

Snapshot of the tool: 

md5 checksum 267b57e12e556cbd5c15e8e2ad8fe30d
Filesize 29863 bytes

download link ElGamal.Tool.v1.0.rar

If you have found a bug, or have any comments or suggestions about the program, post it in this blog or send me an email at

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