lundi 13 décembre 2010

just a lill thing to start with :p

these are some of asm registers that every reverser and/or coder should know

General purpose registers:
EAX -> Accumulator for operands and results data.
EBX -> Pointer to data in the DS segment.
ECX -> Counter for string and loop operations.
EDX -> I/O pointer.
EBP -> Pointer to data on the stack (in the SS segment).
ESI -> Pointer to data in the segment pointed to by the DS register; source pointer for string operations.
EDI -> Pointer to data (or destination) in the segment pointed to by the ES register; destination pointer for string operations.
ESP -> Stack pointer (in the SS segment).

16Bit Segment registers:
CS -> Code Segment
DS -> Data Segment
SS -> Stack Segment
ES -> Data Segment
FS -> Data Segment
GS -> Data Segment